The Background

Jenny Bozich Brundage has mastered organically turning her greatest skills into careers.


JBB Agents LLC

Our Story

Jenny Bozich Brundage grew up in Orland Park, Illinois as an avid swimmer with an intense work ethic. Within a few years of competing in the sport, Jenny was flying all over the nation changing the #1 spot on the record boards to ‘Jenny Bozich’. At 12 years old Jenny was a nationally recognized athlete. It was clear, when Jenny set a goal and focused, her capabilities were limitless.

She began her career as the Director of Sales at Knights Apparel, the Gold’s Gym Internet Division. She maintained this position for the next 15 years building invaluable relationships within the Fitness Industry. She moved on to become to Vice President of Sales and Marketing as the US distributor for a Central American Textile Manufacturing Company. After a few years of being able to provide only products manufacturered by this company, not meeting all the needs of her customers, Jenny took a risk. 

JBB Agents LLC was created.

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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go
— T.S. Elliot

Road Chef by Jena

My Story

Jenny grew up in a family with seven children. As a result, whether cooking a meal or baking dessert, her mother was constantly in the kitchen. Preparing food was her passion, and her family reaped the benefits, especially Jenny. 

By the time Jenny was old enough to start slinging knives in the kitchen, her taste buds had matured to recognize the perfect bite. Jenny’s creativity, and competitive nature led her to become a Home Chef. One of her greatest creations,  "Jen's Gingery Asian Dressing and Marinade", was created in the Summer of 1994. When Jenny was extremely pregnant with her daughter Eva, she was living in a 2 bed/2 bath bungalow in Oak Park, Illinois. The bathroom on the first floor broke and could not be used in any capacity. One night, Jen's dad, better known as "Papason", had a nightmare that she fell down the stairs in the middle of the night going to the only functioning bathroom. For the next 2 weeks, her dad drove 1 1/2 hours back and forth every day to remodel and repair the upstairs bathroom. Jenny made sure she fed him well, everyday, while he worked. She took the opportunity to get creative and make her dad special, healthy things he would enjoy. She created a salad dressing that got rave reviews. It was tweaked several times and now has been a staple in her cooking for the past 20 years. She gets frequent requests from friends to made this dressing and it's also given away as gifts. This incident and the love and compassion of her dad, created a situation that sparked her culinary interests to a completely new level. 

Jenny was self taught. She never followed recipes. Instead, she practiced by tasting world renowned dishes, deciphering the ingredients, and then working to recreate an even better version.

Even better version, after even better version, it was undeniable, Jenny’s food was creative and delicious. She quickly created a following and the personal chef requests started flowing in. 

Her Roadchef career began when her passion for cooking melded with her involvement in the health and fitness industry. Opportunities as a fitness coach and mentor opened new doors for healthy meal preparation and private cooking jobs.  Jenny travels monthly to cook for her clients, friends and family.

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